Birth Control is Not a “Women’s Issue”

I know, another long and unexplained hiatus. The end of the semester caught up with me, and I probably won’t have much chance to post for the next couple of weeks. I should be studying right now, but this just irritated the crap out of me. (Warning: the following material has a high sarcasm-to-content ratio.) Continue reading


I Don’t Care if You Marry Young, or Old, or Repeatedly, or Never

I would just like say how utterly tired I am of seeing articles that say, “I did X. It worked for me, and I am happy. Therefore, X is the best/only way to do things. Everyone must do X!”

That’s nice for you. Really. But have you considered that there are other people out there who are, you know, not you? Continue reading

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Right Here, That’s Where

Imagine for a moment a small child with an incurable, degenerative, but relatively painless disease. He probably won’t live past his teenage years, but for now he’s at least able to go out and play with his friends. His basic needs are taken care of, although his family is not wealthy by any stretch of the imagination. They live in a rundown but functional house, and most of their meals are healthy but bland. No one outside his neighborhood knows who he is, and the odds of that changing are virtually nil. Continue reading

For the Good of the Children

For those of you who haven’t heard yet, some Iowa Republican lawmakers think that a) divorce causes teenage girls to have sex, and b) this is the worst thing ever. So bad, in fact, that parents of minor children should not be allowed to decide what is best for their own lives or relationships. If they do, then, to paraphrase┬áRep. Tedd Gassman: Eww my granddaughter might have sex and that’s gross!

Most of the stupid has been pointed out already: the old man’s creepy fixation on his teenage granddaughter’s (entirely speculative) sex life, the fact that it is apparently only bad for teenage girls to have sex (despite the fact that these are Republicans, and are probably not amenable to the boys having sex which other), and the idea that it is somehow better for children to live with miserable parents who don’t get along than happy parents who recognized the need to split up. I don’t have much more to add on any of those points, but there is one more thing that needs to be said. Continue reading

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